Sale of wood chips

Wood as a basic material has been used in construction for a very long time. Various types of timber products are made from it, tailored to unique sizes.

At the same time, it should not be forgotten that a lot of waste material considered to be unnecessary is generated during the process of machining. After tree cutting the logs get to the lumber yard for being prepared.

The product range is very wide within the raw material can be sold. As direct logs, after minimal preparation respectively after more serious processing, it can find its way to the customers dried and tailored to size in the form of timber. During the operations, the so-called wood chips is continuously accumulated.

This wood material that is considered to be a secondary product in some respects, it is exceptionally a good basic material, too.

Being very versatile it can be used in many ways.

As fuel in households and industry, as mulch in horticulture but it is also suitable for the production of a variety of fenestration mainly made by pressing technologies or for the production of furniture and quarry tiles.

The wood chips usually consists of larger fractions than conventional sawdust. A very significant quantity is available in our warehouse at Máréfalva therefore we can easily serve the needs of the customers even when a larger batch is ordered. In recent years, wood chips has gained an increasing role as a mulch.

Horticulture is especially happy to sell it as it performs its task perfectly. The pieces of grist block the appearance of weeds, inhibit the evaporation of the soil, while not preventing the ingress of irrigation and rainwater.

Meanwhile, the constantly decaying, natural raw material nourishes the soil and makes it looser. It is often specifically purchased by municipalities in large quantities in order to satisfy the aforementioned covering or heating purposes. The permanent stock is provided with enough wood chips, so we can continuously supply our customers with the required quantity and to the maximum demand.

The delivery can be arranged, so you do not have to care about either. For whatever purpose it may serve of using the wood chips, feel free to contact us and take a look at our offer. Our many years of professional experience and reliable professionals ensure that all our customers will receive only the best.

Check out our assorted range of products and if you need something else besides wood chips, our wood yard will definitely find you.

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Sale of wood chips