Sale of dried timber

Pine wood is a very popular type of wood both on construction sites and in carpentry workshops. This popularity is due, among other things, to the fact that it is easy to machine, yet extremely tough and resistant to environmental influences.

Due to its homogeneous structure and beautiful appearance. It is thus excellent for use as a furniture base material, but due to its solidity, it can also be used in many ways in the construction industry.  It can be used for both external and internal architectural purposes. Pine can be the basis of many timber products.

Our offer of dried timber made of high quality pine wood comes from the forests of Szeklerland.  The extraction takes place under controlled conditions, taking into account the authority.

The drying is done in our own lumberyard in a 180 cubic meter dryer, so we can satisfy even the largest demads. A significant amount of dried timber is available in our wood warehouse in Máréfalva, but we also make products of the quality and quantity that meet your needs.

The minimum orderable quantity of dried timber is 45 cubic meters, but we can also arrange delivery on demand, so our customers do not have to worry about how to deliver the purchased products home. The sale of dried timber is not a new thing in our country.Many service providers deal with it. However, we can be part of a complex service.

Everything from extraction to processing and delivery is done by our reliable, experienced professionals. So you can get the necessary building material or furniture base material in the most convenient and simple way possible.

Feel free to contact us if you need dried timber or if you have any questions about the raw materials and services we sell. Remember that quality raw material is indispensably important during construction and carpentry work.

You can buy quality wood from us at a reasonable price.If there is not any or as much timber in our warehouse as you need. Order it and we will make it available to you within the agreed time.

Do not hesitate!

Plan in advance, as extracting and drying pine wood is a time-consuming process, so it is worth deciding in advance how much you need so that the lack of raw materials on the construction site or in the carpentry workshop does not cause disruption.

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Sale of dried timber