We buy standing tree

In the age of modern technologies the developement is happening at a rapid pace. A great example of this is the construction industry, which has started to grow explosively, mainly because there are many exceptionally precise tools available, by the help of which an excellent and, last but not least, fast results can be achieved.

Time has become an increasingly pressing factor in the execution of projects, therefore many have switched from traditional raw materials, such as brick and concrete. To easily formable wood products.In the trade the presence of a large number of timber products of different sizes has given a significant boost to work purposefully.

However, they are only worth being purchased in the right quality and under good conditions from a reliable lumberyard.

One of the main domain of our business is the sale of logs, which we produce under controlled conditions, taking strict account of the ecological principles. However it is worth mentioning that we are buying standing tree. If you have such an interest in Harghita county or the surrounding counties.

Then we happily look forward to your application. In spite of the constantly increasing demands, professional wood cutting and processing deserves great attention.

The forest is a constantly renewable source of energy, but it takes time for the seedlings to be matured for cutting. Reckless logging raises many environmental problems that should be mitigated or avoided where possible. With this in mind, standing trees are purchased and, in addition to being harvested, various products, such as dried pine timber, are created.

Visiting our lumberyard in Máréfalva may it happen with the intention of selling or on the contrary for the purpose of purchasing, be sure to contact our specialists who are happily at your service. There is constantly enough timber in stock but we work mainly to order. The minimum quantity we sell is 45 cubic meters. We also undertake delivery on request.

As as far as the extraction of standing trees is concerned, you will also not have a special task with them, as we will get to the site after the preliminary consultation and start to work after the survey, paying attention to the maximum level of preservation of the environmental values.

Our goal is to satisfy the needs while minimizing wounds caused in nature. Through prudent forest management it is possible to have a resource that will never run out.Thus everyone can do well.

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We buy standing tree