Who  are we?

  • The company was founded in 1992 as MELACOPIX VILI SRL, which later on split up in 2008 and became RAPID FOREST SRL while the name of MELACOPIX also  remained.
  • Until 2008, all activities took place within the MELACOPIX company, as: timber purchasing, logging, timber transportation, timber selling, primary and secondary wood processing and garden furniture making.
  • Since 2008 the RAPID FOREST SRL has taken over the timber purchasing, logging, timber transportation, timber selling, the primary wood processing, moreover the activity was expanded  with earthmoving and forest road construction,too.
  • The reason for the split was the use of the tender.

The past!

    • The business was started by a husband and wife in 1992.They walked the forest with  2-3 employees and an agricultural tractor.
    • They took the wood home to the family yard and sawn off with a double flat circular saw by hand and then processed into a garden bench in a rudimentary carpentry workshop.
    • In 2000 we had to move to a larger, more spacious location, where a sawmill and a larger, more modern carpentry workshop were built.
    • In 2003 we purchased the first logging truck equipped with a logging crane.
    • In 2005 we purchased a new MAN logging truck.
    • In 2005 we purchased a TIMBERJACK 810 logging machine which was one of the first ones in Romania.
    • In 2005 we went to work in Sweden to harvest wood, then we bought two logging trucks and transported the harvested wood there.
    • In 2006 we worked in logging in Russia and later on we also bought a VALMET and a PINOX log harvester.
    • In 2007 in Germany we worked with these machines .
    • In 2007 we purchased the first new JOHN DEERE 1110D machine, that we used in Romania and then we brought the foreign machines home in order to work with them at home.
    • In 2008 we bought 2 new JOHN DEERE SKIDDER 540 and 548 machine and also a VOLVO KONRAD logging machine.
    • In 2009 we bought: MOUNTY 4000 ropeway, KMS ropeway, a SCANIA  timber  truck, a JCB telescopic handler and a new board drying chamber.
    • In 2010 we purchased a TAKEUCHI 1440 excavator,a grader and a road roller.
    • In 2011 we purchased 3 new MAN timber trucks and 1 tipper.
    • In 2012 we purchased a TAKEUCHI 1440 backhoe loader.
    • In 2013 we purchased a KOMATSU 840TX logging machine.
    • In 2016 we purchased 2 FIAT 1280 logging machines
    • In 2019 we purchased 2 new MAN timber trucks
    • In 2019 we started building our new workstation
    • In 2020 we managed to move to where the primary processing takes place with an automated machine line.

The present!

  • Today, our company procures, extracts, sells and also delivers 5,000 – 6,000 cubic meters of wood per month.
  • Our major log buyers: Kronospan Romania, Hs Timber Productions, Egger Romania.
  • Our primary processing capacity is 10-15 cubic meters/hour.
  • Our larger timber customers:Cetate Production, Szel-Mob, Ferco Capital.
  • We currently have 60 employees.

The future!

  • Obtaining FSC certification.
  • Installation of log peeling and sorting line.

Our team


Position: Managing director

Name: Pál Loránd

Phone: 0733510694


Position: Accountancy, Secretariat

 Name: Mihály Enikő

Phone: 0266247115, 0733510696


Position: Sale of timber

Name: Molnár-Thiess Csaba

Phone: 0722654066


Position: Forest Engineer

Name: Simon-Várhelyi Béla

Phone: 0729816745


Position: Carpentery Workshop Team Leader

Name: Pál Tamás

Phone: 0740 230 963

He specializes in garden furniture and glued friezes


Position: Assistant Director

 Name: Pál Roland

Phone: 0729973897