Sale of sawdust

Wood processing receives considerable attention, which is completely understandable with regard to the high demand for material in the construction industry.

The wood as a natural and renewable raw material has played an important role in the construction of houses from the very beginning.In many places the whole building is built up from this, while somewhere else it is specifically used for the design of the roof structure or the upper part.

Quality timbers are also essential in furniture making.Pine as a softwood allows easy machinability, so most people happily work with it. At those wood yards where cutout logs are processed, there is always a smaller or bigger amount of sawdust or log grist.

These types of secondary raw materials are incredibly versatile.It is exactly why the sale of sawdust is very popular.In addition to the dried pine timber, which is mainly made to order, sawdust is also sold in large batches at our wood yard in Máréfalva. We can arrange the delivery on request, so you have nothing to do with it.

Larger log grists are great for the production of fibreboards and they also provide outstanding efficiency in firing.In the case of sawdust the possibilities expand further. It plays a major role in the eco-concious gardening.

It can be greatly used for mulching or making compost. Mixed directly into the soil, an excellent soil loosening effect may be achieved and thus increasing the organic matter content.In many cases can be used as litter under the animals.

Sawdust is also suitable for creating wood improving putties mixed with a suitable filler. It can also be used for cleaning in workshops.It can absorb oil well and various chemicals, too.

In commerce there are already such tools available which, by way of pressing, can be used to create briquettes suitable for firing only sawdust is needed.It can thus be seen that such an exceptional raw material is simply a pity to let it be wasted.

In case if you can use sawdust purposefully, contact us with confidence and we will satisfy all your needs. If you are already buying, then feel free to check out our log and dried pine timber stocks and choose to your liking.

Premium quality base materials from the forests of Szeklerland are sure to appeal to you. Our specialists perform the preparation and delivery tasks with conscientious work.

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Sale of sawdust