Sale of logs

New trends are increasingly appearing in architecture that have hitherto been pushed into the background, especially in the absence of an appropriate tool palette. Targeted wood processing is now available to anyone, thanks to the advent of modern technical advances.

This natural raw material has an extraordinary wide range of good qualities.In addition to logs, various kinds of timber, and as a by-product, wood shavings and grists generated during processing are put on the market at most sites.

If you have an interest in Harghita county and you would like to buy a larger batch of logs or possibly pine timber, then please feel free to contact us.

The staff of our site is happily looking forward to your application and is at your disposal in everything.What you should know is that we sell at least a minimum of 45 cubic meters and we can also arrange the delivery on request. If necessary, drying is not a problem either, because we try to satisfy the needs by using a 180 cubic meter specifically well-laboured drying chamber.

Our main field is log selling and we make timber mainly to order. Nowadays there is a growing demand for pine logs. The main reason for this is that the construction of so-called log houses has become very popular.It is no coincidence that these buildings are so popular, as they are extremely easy to build and due to the positive properties of the pine, they also show an excellent durability.

Their thermal insulation is ideal and the drainage of various fittings in the walls does not also mean a challenge thanks to the formability of the softwood. Of course, there is no need to stop at the field of creative creation as the log wood has also an incredible potenial in furniture making as well.

There is an increasing demand for beds, sofas, armchairs, made of log wood. Although pine being a softwood is less ideal for making fences but it can be used to create room divider elements after proper surface treatment.

At the same time periodic care can significantly extend its lifetime despite the often harsh environmental effects.The log extraction from the forests of Szeklerland is done in accordance with strict rules, taking into account the ecological principles, too.

Our highly skilled staff ensures that only high quality logs are delivered to our lumberyard and from there to our customers. If you need such raw-basic materials, please contact us. You will not be disappointed.

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