Sale of pine timber

Over the past few decades the production industry, including the construction industry, has undergone significant development. Plenty of new types of technologies and raw materials have appeared.

However popular prefabricated elements and products are, usually reinforced concrete or plasterboard, none of these can replace wood.

It is no coincidence that pine timber is still one of the market leaders in the field of sales. The question may rightly arise as why exactly the pine? As regards the classification of trees in the terms of construction we distinguish two variants. These are the soft and hardwoods.

The group of hardwood trees, although considered to be particularly advantageous in terms of their durability, their processing is a very difficult task. By contrast, softwoods, to which pine can also be classified, have a number of positive sides.

Due to its natural grains it is durable, resistant and extremely unique in appearance and its processing can be easily solved. Pine timber, as a category, is born after the processing of logs. Beams, slats, planks of various proportions are made from them, which are suitable for immediate use or even after minimal shaping.

Of course, the expertise in which the pine timber is made, is very important. Special attention is required from the forest extraction phase, through processing, to delivery to the customer.

That is why it actually matters where the raw materials are purchased from.If you choose us, you will be part of a full service. Our wood-yard in Máréfalva awaits you with a unique timber offer. Besides premium quality timber, we also deal with selling logs and sawdust.You do not have to bother with the delivery either because we will arrange it for you.

Dried pine timber is also available and with the help of our 180 cubic meter drying chamber, we are happy to satisfy all your needs. We mainly do custom work orders, so if you need a more serious quantity for construction or furniture making purposes, then please feel free to contact our colleagues. There are constantly enough raw materials in stock to choose from.

The minimum quantity we sell is 45 cubic meters.In addition to the production of pine timber, the continuously generated log grist also has excellent potential, whether it is for heating or for making pressed furniture boards, so it is a really wide range of products from which you can choose the right ones that are suitable for your purposes.Visit our lumberyard bravely, we are just waiting for you!

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Sale of pine timber