Joiner’s workshop

Joiner’s workshop

The expectations of the age are largely determined by different trends and styles, this is why a joiner’s workshop should be able to work with these in mind.

A properly mechanized background is always needed for both the preparation and processing of raw materials.Our company carries out the production of garden furniture with well-trained specialists, professional tools and many years of experience for which it uses lengthened products which are processed after pre-drying.

Garden furniture
Our company has been producing garden furniture of unique quality using reliable raw materials for almost 30 years.Thanks to decades of experience and a constantly evolving range of technical tools we have managed to take our rudimentary products to a new level much to the delight of our customers.Encouraged by the successes so far our joiner’s workshop strives to comply with modern trends as well as we lay special emphasis on gaining experience and new knowledge.

Lengthened products
We include in this category that stage of woodworking when defective elements such as various knots, resin bags and craks are removed from the board.We carry out these work phrases with great care using unique technology and excellent tools.The already clean material created in this way is glued together and from it we get high-quality door or window beams that can be easily machined within the framework of the joiner’s workshop.Due to their high quality the products can perform their supporting or insulating role for many years.
Wood drying
In the case of harvested timber immediate processing can begin but in many cases the process of wood drying is unmissable to prevent this.This is because raw materials with a high moisture content can be subsequently distorted in their structure which impairs both the appearance and the function of the elements created from them.That is why we place the timber in our specially designed drying chambers of which the moisture content is lowered to 8-10% even before it gets to be processed in a joiner’s workshop.The drying chambers have a constant temperature of 55 degrees Celsius.It is possible to load an average of 50 m³ of timber per dryer .

It can be seen that our company strives to keep up with the expectations of the age, as a result of which new technologies are constantly being integrated into the already existing systems.

Our professionals working in the joiner’s workshop are constantly training themselves so that their theoretical and practical knowledge is always at a high level.Thanks to the conscientious work, the processed wood raw materials are available in a premium quality and are used to make excellent garden furniture, window and door frames that will serve the emerging needs for many decades to come.In addition, with their appearance they enhance the uniqueness of your home a lot.The staff of a reliable joiner’s workshop will always pay attention to details.

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